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Pelleres simply are the final 5%. The ultimate, desperate, last-ditch effort. The difference between winning and losing.

Pelleres are the only device guaranteed to train and strengthen the body’s stabiliser muscle network.


What are

Pelleres™ are an internationally recognised award winning device – 100% guaranteed to improve core strength.

The human body is amazing but it is also complex. Our body is a chain of mobile joints that must be controlled to support us efficiently. If not, our muscles work overtime, become fatigued, and we risk injury.

Trained stability muscles keep our bodies in line, working efficiently and Pelleres™ are extremely effective at getting and keeping these muscles in shape.


Trusted by trainers, elite athletes and beginners alike.

1. The position of the weights, along your forearm, successfully targets your core stabilizer and major muscle groups. Unlike “wrist weights”, Pelleres™ evenly distributes the weight along the ulna (forearm) bone – this is why they are so effective.

2. Range of weight. Pelleres™ come in four weights which covers the weight range (0-1kg) for functional movement. To successfully strengthen core muscles normal movement patterns must be maintained. 

3. The weights are anchored to your forearm which allows for a natural, unimpeded, and dynamic actions. Your wrists and hands are free which allows normal functional movements. 


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Looking for an Accredited Studio or Trainer?

We highly recommend going to a Recognised Pelleres Training Studio (RPTS) to get the most out of your purchase.  Like any device the true value is in how you use it. 

All RPTS have Certified Pelleres Base Trainers who are experts in all things related to Pelleres.  Learn how to switch on your core muscles, get training tips, or even attend a Core Strength Workshop. 

Our Certified Pelleres Base Trainers are ready and willing to help you get to your fitness goals faster.


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